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The expert dog trainers, ball throwers, belly rubbers, and ear scratchers.

WHITNEY DOREMUSOwner, Operator, Dog Trainer
Vermont Dog Club is the product of almost twenty years of my experience with the dog world.

I have been passionate about dogs for as long as I can remember. It must be in my genes, my grandparents on my father’s side were both veterinarians. In fact they built and ran Green Mountain Animal Hospital during the 1960’s. My grandmother on my mother’s side was a well-known dog lover. Her photo albums are filled with more pictures of her dogs than of her human family!

In 1997, while in college at the University of Florida, I began working as a cashier at Petsmart. Very quickly a manager suggested I begin their training program to become a dog trainer for them. I devoured the materials and began teaching right away. I appreciated the training that Petsmart provided but I wanted to learn more so I found the most knowledgeable positive trainer in Gainesville and asked if I could work with her. Dee Zurburg took me under her wing and gave me the opportunity to submerge myself in the dog training world.  After a year of learning with Dee I took my knowledge base to Wilmington, NC where I was hired at the most well-known training school in the area, Dogtrain, Inc. I worked with Dogtrain for three years.

While teaching classes and private lessons at Dogtrain I began to open my own business, a doggy daycare called Dogs At Play. After almost a year of searching for a location and then convincing the city to give me a permit, Dogs At Play finally opened in 2001. In 2003 I opened a second location and in 2006 I closed both of those locations to open our third location where we have been ever since. In 2010, with a solid staff in place, I began the move back home to Vermont. Over the years my staff at Dogs At Play has grown stronger and stronger so I spend more and more time at home in Vermont.

Over the past six years I have offered my Super Dogs training classes throughout the area, mostly at the Humane Society of Chittenden County. Vermont Dog Club is the product of almost twenty years of my experience with the dog world. I have felt for quite some time that the traditional six week training classes, while effective, don’t give dogs and their humans everything they need. For many years now it has been a dream of mine to open a facility that offers regular education, lots of time for practice, and encourages understanding and support of the special relationship we have with our dogs. Vermont Dog Club offers all this plus a whole lot of fun! I look forward to seeing you at the club!

I’m the fun parent.  I let the dogs do all the things the trainers don’t.

I am powerless against cuteness, cuddliness, and awesomeness.

I can help you train your kids, but not your dogs.

I’m also the popcorn maker and the message taker.

I work the register.
CPDT-KA Certified Dog Trainer
Dog Rock! Vermont

Laurie Lawless is both a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and an Associate Certified Behavior Consultant. Laurie has spent the past decade working with dogs in various capacities. Laurie started volunteer at a shelter when she was 18, and went onto manage a doggie daycare, serve as the dog program coordinator at two different shelters, and launch her own dog training company in 2015.

Laurie earned her certifications over the past two years and currently spends additional time deploying with the ASPCA Field Investigations and Response Team to assist in natural disasters and hoarding, puppy mill and dog fighting cases.

Laurie is excited to bring her expertise to the Vermont Dog Club to offer not only obedience advice, but also to help dog owners understand their dog’s behavior. Laurie currently conducts private sessions on Sundays, runs the Reactive Dog Program and does Day Training on Tuesdays and Fridays with Whitney!

Lucy Weaver (MA Animal Behavior & Conservation, CPDT certified) uses thoughtful, science-based positive reinforcement training methods to help her students – humane and canine! – achieve their training goals. Her passion is helping people understand their dog’s​ behavior and motivations, and to improve communication between human and canine. Lucy has worked at animal rehab centers, shelters, farms, and zoos, and has experience with a variety of animals including seals, goats, owls, parrots, cats, and dogs. Her connection to creatures great and small led her to earn a MA in Animal Behavior & Conservation at Hunter College and to dog training with Andrea Arden Dog Training in NYC. Now that she’s back in Vermont, Lucy has her own dog training business, Dogspeak, through which she teaches classes and private lessons and is the behavior/training consultant at the Humane Society in South Burlington. She is thrilled to also be a part of the team at the VDC! Lucy and her husband Evan (both Chittenden County natives) share their home and their hearts with a rescue pup named Willow.

CPTD-KA Certified Dog Trainer
Ann RamsayTrainer

I have been doing agility for 10 years and am on my third agility dog.  Although I do compete frequently and have had some successes, I do it for the fun!.  I love to train and I am confident that my dogs are having as much fun as I am.