Play and Train

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Play and Train combines the best parts of daycare with the best parts of training. Puppies and dogs are assessed individually and placed in appropriate playgroups. Because of our limited-admission program, staff to dog ratio is high, meaning your dog is getting one-on-one attention from staff and being monitored closely in a group- preventing stressful interactions with over exuberant dogs and the risk of fights and injuries.

Throughout the day, dogs will be treated to various enrichment activities that suit their interests such as fetch, tug, pool time, nose work, sandbox time, obstacle climbing and more. Puppies and dogs will receive one-on-one training time from our expert staff on sit, down, stay, recall and more! Additionally, you can add special training services to your dog’s day so we can brush up what you are working on in classes!

We love to see that dogs are having fun, using their brains and feeling safe in a comfortable environment suited just for them. Our mission at Dogs Rock! is to make sure your dog is always front and center.

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